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Mfr Part#: BF862,215
BF862 Series 20 V 25 mA Surface Mount N-Channel Junction FET - TO-236AB
Mfr Part#: IR3832WMTRPBF
IR3832 Series 16 V 4 A 1500 kHz Buck Surface Mount Switching Regulator - PQFN-15
Mfr Part#: P0080SALRP
P0080S_L Series 50 mA 6 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - DO-214AA
Mfr Part#: 246411067401894E
67 Position 2 Row SMT Right Angle 0.5 mm Pitch CardEdge Connector Key E
Mfr Part#: SP208CA-L
SP208 Series 120 kbps High-Speed RS-232 Transceiver with 0.1μF Capacitor-SSOP-24
Mfr Part#: LQW15AN15NG00D
LQW15 Series 0402 15 nH ±2 % 460 mA 160 mOhm SMT Unshielded Wirewound Inductor
Mfr Part#: H11D1SR2M
H11D1 Series Single Channel 300 V 4170 Vrms Phototransistor Optocoupler DIP-6
Mfr Part#: L06031R8CGSTR
0603 47 nH ±2 % Tolerance 1000 mA Surface Mount High-Q RF Inductor
Mfr Part#: SP2526A-1EN-L
P2526A Series 5.5 V 500 mA Dual Channel High Side USB Power Switch - NSOIC-8
Mfr Part#: IRGP30B60KD-EP
IRGP30B60KD-EP Series 600 V 30 A N-Channel UltraFast IGBT - TO-247AD
Mfr Part#: HE3621A0500
HE3600 Series Subminiature SIP 0.5 A SPST-NO 5 VDC PCB Mount Reed Relay
Mfr Part#: GTL2002D,118
GTL2002 Series 3.3V 2-Bit Bidirectional LowVoltage Translator - SOIC-8
Mfr Part#: 0805PC152KAT1A
0805 1.5 nF 250 V ±10 % Tolerance X7R SMT Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
Mfr Part#: SPX1117M3-L-2-5
SPX1117 Series 2.5 V Fixed Output 800 mA SMT LDO Regulator - SOT-223-3 T/R
Mfr Part#: IRG4PH40KDPBF
IRG4PH40KDPBF Series 1200 V 15 A N-Channel UltraFast IGBT - TO-247AC "
Mfr Part#: 0297002.WXNV
297 Series Fast-Acting 32 V 2 A 8.8 x 10.9 mm MINI® Grey Blade Fuse
Mfr Part#: PTVS28VS1UR,115
PTVS Series 400 W Unidirectional Surface Mount TVS Diode - SOD-123W
Mfr Part#: JN5169-001-M03-2Z
ZigBee PRO and IEEE802.15.4 Module - Standard Power w/ u.FL Antenna
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